It is possible to choose from any of the following repertoires or create a multigenre playlist at your own preference.



- Giovanni Allevi: Ti Scrivo (3:00)

- Giovanni Allevi: Come sei veramente (6:00)

- Giovanni Allevi: Go with the flow (3:30)

- Giovanni Allevi: Back to Life (4:30)

- Giovanni Allevi: Monolocale 7.30 a.m. (3:30)

- Giovanni Allevi: Il Nuotatore (3:30)

- Giovanni Allevi: Aria (5:00)

- Galdson: Life is good (2:30)

- Galdson: I believe in you (2:30)

- Galdson: Learning to live (5:00)

(total duration: 39mins)



- Ludovico Einaudi: Le Onde (5:30)

- Ludovico Einaudi: Onde corte (3:30)

- Ludovico Einaudi: I Giorni (6:00)

- Michael Nyman: The heart asks pleasure first (from the movie "The Piano") (3:30)

- Wim Martens: Struggle for Pleasure* (4'00'')

- Enya: Watermark (2:30)

(total duration: 25mins)



- Dave Grusin: Memphis Stomp (from the movie "The Firm") (3:30)

- Dave Grusin: Mountain Dance* (3:30)

- Alan Silvestri: Forrest Gump theme (Feather theme) (2:00)

- Michael Nyman: The heart asks pleasure first (from the movie "The Piano") (3:30)

Wim Martens: Struggle for Pleasure* (4'00'')

- Yann Tiersen: La Valse d’Amélie (from the movie “Amélie”) (2:30)

- Yann Tiersen: Comptine d’un autre ete (from the movie “Amélie”) (2:30)

- Yann Tiersen: L’autre Valse d’Amélie (from the movie “Amélie”) (1:30)

- Yann Tiersen: Porz Goret (from the movie “Hurricane”) (4:30)

- John Addison: Murder She Wrote* (1:00)

- Fermo Dante Marchetti: Fascination* (from the movie “Elis” and many others) (2:30)

(total duration: 32mins)



- "Pine top" Perkins: How long (solo instrumental version trascribed by 88) (3:00)

- Chilly Gonzales: Meischeid (2:00)

- Chilly Gonzales: Ovenight (3:30)

- Chilly Gonzales: C M Blues (4:30)

- Chilly Gonzales: Chilly in F minor (1:00)

- Chilly Gonzales: Minor Fantasy (3:30)

(total duration 18mins)


RAGTIME MUSIC (late 1800s / early  1900s)

- Scott Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag (3:00)

- Scott Joplin: The Entertainer (4:30)

- Scott Joplin: Elite Syncopation (4:00)

- Scott Joplin: Bethena (8:00)

- Scott Joplin: Frog legs Rag (2:30)

- Scott Joplin: The Chrysanthemum (4:00)

- Scott Joplin: Heliotrope Bouquet (3:30)

- Scott Joplin: Pineapple Rag (3:30)

- Joshua Rifkin: The Ragtime Dance (3:30)

- Tom Turpin: St Louis Rag (2:30)

(total duration 40mins)


STOMP, STRIDE AND CHARLESTON (10s, 20s and 30s music)

- Jelly Roll Morton: Kansas City Stomp (2:30)

- Jelly Roll Morton: King Porter Stomp (2:30)

- James P. Johnson: Feelin blue (3:00)

- James P. Johnson: Carolina Shout (3:00)

- James P. Johnson: Charleston (3:00)

- Fats Waller: Handful of keys (3:00)

(total duration 17mins)



- George Gershwin: 15 songs arranged by 88   (total duration 23mins)



(ideal background for lounge, cocktails and wedding receptions)

- Jobim/Grusin: Bonita (4:00)

- Gershwin/Grusin: Nice Work if you Can Get it (4:30)

- Dave Grusin: Two for the Road (5:30)

- Paul Desmond: Take 5 (2:30)

- Howard/McKenzie: Fly Me to the Moon (4:00)

- Kern/McKenzie: Smoke Gets in your Eyes (2:30)

- Carmichael/Admiral: Stardust (4:00)

- Jones/Young: Lady bird / When I fall in love - medley (arr. Orefice) (3:00)

- Fermo Dante Marchetti: Fascination* (2:30)

- Gino Paoli: Grazie (2:30)

- Gino Paoli: Il cielo in una stanza (2:00)

- Gino Paoli: Sapore di sale (2:30)

- Gino Paoli: Senza fine (2:30)

- Gino Paoli: In un caffè (2:00)

- Luigi Tenco: Se stasera sono qui (2:00)

(total duration: about 47mins. However, if you get in touch well in advance this can be extended to one hour and more, since new jazz pieces can be added to this repertoire)



- Astor Piazzolla: Libertango (3:00)

- Dave Grusin: Mountain Dance (3:30)

- Dave Grusin: Memphis Stomp (from the movie "The Firm") (3:30)

- Jamal Hartwell: Super Phatness (1:00)

- Galdson: Learning to live (5:00)

- Chick Corea: Space Circus (2:00)

- 88: A Sweet Call (5:30)

(total duration: 24mins)



- Chilly Gonzales: The Tourist (3:00)

- Chilly Gonzales: Nero's Nocturne (2:30)

- Chilly Gonzales: Wintermezzo (3:00)

- Chilly Gonzales: Papa Gavotte (3:00)

- Chilly Gonzales: Manifesto (3:00)

- Chilly Gonzales: Bermuda Triangle (1:30)

- Chilly Gonzales: Kenaston (3:00)

- Chilly Gonzales: Rideaux Lunaire (2:30)

- Chilly Gonzales: Oregano (1:30)

- Chilly Gonzales: Othello (3:00)

- Chilly Gonzales: White Keys (3:00)

(total duration: 29mins)



(An ideal background of most famous classics for wedding cocktails/receptions and corporate events)

Albinoni: Adagio in G minor (6:00)

Marcello: Adagio from Oboe Concerto in C minor (4:30)

Bach: 'Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring' BWV 147 (3:30)

Bach: Prelude in C major No.1 (from 'The Well Tempered Clavier' book I) (2:00)

Bach: 'Air' (from Goldberg variations) (3:00)

Bach: 'Air' on the G string (from Orchestral Suite No.3) (Arr. by Siloti)  (5:30)

Bach: I Minuet from the French Suite No.3 in B Minor (1:30)

Handel: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (4:00)

Paradisi: Toccata in A Major (3:00)

Mozart: Turkish March from Sonata No.11 in A Major* (3:30)

Beethoven: Adagio sostenuto (from 'Moonlight' Sonata) (5:30)

Beethoven: For Elise (3:00)

Beethoven: Andante in A Flat Major from Pathetique Sonata (5:30)

Schubert: Impromptu Op.90 No.3 in G Flat Major* (5:30)

Schumann: Dreaming (from 'Scenes from Childhood' Op.15) (1:30)

Mendelssohn: Wedding march (5:00)

Chopin: Prelude Op.28, No.5 in D Major (2:00)

Chopin: Prelude Op.28, No.7 in A Major (1:00)

Chopin: Prelude Op.28, No.11 in B Major (0:30)

Chopin: Prelude Op.28, No.15 in D Flat Major 'Raindrop' (4:30)

Chopin: Nocturne Op.9, No.2 in E Flat Major (5:00)

Chopin: Study Op.25, n.1 in A Flat Major (2:30)

Chopin: Study Op.25, n.2 in F Minor (1:30)

Chopin: Waltz in A Minor Opus Posth. Kk4B No.11* (2:00)

Chopin: Waltz in D Flat Major Op.64 No.1 'Minute Waltz' (2:00)

Chopin: Waltz in C Sharp Minor Op.64 No.2* (3:30)

Brahms: Waltz op.39 No.2 in E Major* (1:30)

Brahms: Waltz op.39 No.3 in G Sharp Minor* (1:00)

Brahms: Waltz op.39 No. 15 in A Flat Major (1:30)

Liszt: Consolation S.172, No.3 in D Flat Major* (5:30)

Saint-Saens: The Swan (Arr. by Siloti) (2:30)

Faure: Pavane Op.50* (5:00)

Faure: Sicilienne Op.70 (4:00)

Faure: Song without Words Op.17, No.3* (2:30)

Grieg's Nocturne, Op.54 N.4* (5:00)

Wagner: Wedding march (2:00)

Debussy: Claire de Lune (from Suite Bergamasque) (5:30)

Debussy: Arabesque No.1 (4:30)

Rodrigo: No.1. Berceuse de Printemp* (2:30)

Satie:  Gymnopedie n.1 (3:00)

Satie:  Gymnopedie n.2 (2:30)

Satie:  Gymnopedie n.3 (2:30) 

(total duration: 2hours17mins)



Experimental jazz/fusion/acid-jazz from the collection 'Prophandances', composed and performed by 88 on Rhodes and acoustic pianos.

A Sweet Call (5:30)     (click to listen)

Kurt's mood* (5:00)

Trying to forget* (4:00)

Old Vynil Funky* (6:00)    

Jamirodance* (7:30)

(total duration: 28mins)


 (* If you wish to have those pieces included in your playlist, we recommend you get in touch well in advance.)

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